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The Proofing Gallery is a unique collaboration between artisan print manufactures and artists.

Each project we embark on produces an extremely limited edition artwork which uses our years of printing experience and cutting edge techniques through a collaborative creative process to realise the work of the artist involved.

The artworks produced will feature techniques and materials not usually used in commercial limited editions and allow the artist to explore new ways of creating prints.


As a studio we have over 40 years of expertise producing fine art prints and working with artists creating prints as a collaborative process. We have pioneered combining new technologies like giclee printing with traditional screen printing techniques and creating mixed media prints that can do more than each method could on its own.

Through the creative process of these project we hope to give artists the opportunity to create work that pushes the boundaries of printing and finds new ways of creating. For customers you will be getting something you won’t find in a gallery but is more affordable than an artists original.

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