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The Proofing Gallery is the print shop retail side of Harwood King Printmakers. Offering a selection of prints we have worked on for sale direct to the public, including amazing one-offs and interesting finds.

Our mission is to bring art to life and make it accessible to everyone. We believe that art can be a powerful force for good and that it can open our eyes to new ideas and perspectives. Whether you’re looking to purchase artwork, find the perfect print for your space, or just see what’s new, The Proofing Gallery is the place to find it. Visit our store today to find something special.

Harwood King Printmakers have over 40 years of expertise in producing fine art prints and working with artists to create prints through a collaborative process. We have pioneered combining new technologies like giclee printing with traditional screen-printing techniques and creating mixed media prints that can do more than each method could on its own.



Exciting new collaborative publication projects with artists.


Through the creative process of these projects, we hope to give artists the opportunity to create work that pushes the boundaries of printing and finds new ways of creating. For customers, you will be getting something you won’t find in a gallery but is more affordable than an artist's original. 


Watch this space……

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