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Limited editions of 95 embossed by the estate, with full COA

Each Print Paper Size:58cm x 56cm (22.8” x 22”)

Image Size: 42cm x 42cm (16.5” x 16.5”)

Two 35 colour silkscreens printed on Somerset Satin 410gsm paper with hand torn edges

Micky and Minnie are the first two in a group of ten works specifically imagined by David for the medium of print creating extremely unique editions.Throughout his career David always worked on smaller more accessible paintings as a way to move through ideas quickly and at this point in his life he felt the urgency to create while he still could.


David liked the burst of energy he could encapsulate into these proportions and that the image was more intimate enticing the viewer in to look closely at the work to read the important messages within the messages of love. In these works, he was not confined to the image threshold and it allowed him to let the text spill over the edges onto the white paper to make his messages stand out returning to an idea he used previously in his practice.

He liked the idea of making family groups and conversations between the characters. This set of his editions (in this format) allowed him to realise this overall vision.The dimensions of this series of works mean that they can be grouped together as an installation of images in many various combinations a way he’d always like to see his work displayed.

Each print is signed by his Moira and son Xavier and comes with a full certificate of authenticity.It was a real pleasure working with David to bring his prints to life and it’s a joy to continue to give life to these works in collaboration with Moira and Xavier.

'Angels Bright Watch Over You Tonight' and 'Stay Close To Me' by David Spiller

  • About the artist

    David Spiller’s work is fun and full of life.
    His screen prints are produced here at Harwood King and have required as many as 32 colours.

    His work combined the punchy aesthetics of Pop Art with his own brand of expressionism influenced by Dubuffet, Picasso and his first teacher, Frank Auerbach. Simultaneously fun and sincere, his work captures the imagination of adults and children alike.


    We also have a small selection of other David Spiller prints available. Contact us in the studio for more information.

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    We flat pack all the prints we send out.

    We ship most orders within 3 working days of the order being placed. If there is any delay with the despatch of your order, we will let you know.

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    We also offer framing for delivery to addresses in the UK so you can get your print framed and ready to hang, delivered to your door.

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